G•MAC-Teaching Method - What is that?

by Gloria Macchiavello-Pietsch

in web part „about me“ I already told you that I have been looking for the ideal way
to teach languages for more than 30 years. After many advanced training courses,
long teaching experience, continuous exchange with colleges and students, I believe,
I have found an optimal method to teach languages, which in this publishing house
is basically called:

G•MAC-Teaching Method

This method is not entirely new, because it is based on several known factors of learning, such as:

a) a variety of different findings of the learning psychology
b) motivational multimedia techniques (films, videos, visualization forms)
c) proven elements of suggestopedic learning, for example: central appealing action of a learning course
d) the ever growing importance of an autonomous or self-directed learning

However, the special feature of the G•MAC-Teaching Method is based in the special way
how the factors of learning are coordinated, interlinked and applied.

Here is a short example of the linking and application
in the G•MAC-Teaching Method:

Chapter 1, scene 3 of "e-Spanish A1: De España a Latinoamérica"

Please click on video 1.3


Scene 3 On the terrace TIPS to learn easily with the G•MAC-Teaching Method

Jorge:  ¿Qué estudias, Julia?
Julia:   ¿Yo? No estudio, trabajo.
Jorge:  ¿Dónde trabajas?
Julia:   Trabajo en IBERIA.
Jorge:  ¡Qué interesante! ¿Viajas mucho?
Julia:   Sí, viajo muchísimo, soy azafata.
Jorge:  ¡Quizás por eso eres tan guapa!
Julia:   ¡No es verdad!
Jorge:  Pues sí. ¡Y además eres muy
Julia:   ¡Muchas gracias!
Jorge:  ¡De nada!
  1. Combination of reading, films, audio-CDs and
  2. links to translation, vocabulary, grammar, etc.
  3. Content: comprehensible and motivating
  4. Repetition: estudiar (study); trabajar (work) ser (be)
    and viajar (travel) appear several times in the text.
  5. Dialogue motivates to speak with similar dialogues &
  6. activate interest to know how the action will continue.
  7. Scene 3 is a part of the central action of the book.
  8. Synthesis: With a central appealing action + film
    you can learn very motivated, action oriented, with all
    your senses, actively, joyfully and rapidly.


For more details about
linking and application


Dear Spanish-fans,
please contact me if you do have
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Gloria Macchiavello-Pietsch
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